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Welcome to Calisthenics WA

Calisthenics is an exciting sport that’s a mix of dance, gymnastics, simplified ballet, singing and apparatus.

For ages 3yrs +, calisthenics combines the best aspects of sport and the performing arts. Primarily a team sport, calisthenics teaches participants of all abilities about team work and sportsmanship, while increasing fitness, flexibility, coordination and confidence.


Each unique team based item improves the overall health, fitness, strength and flexibility of performers, as well as offering skills and benefits to take into everyday life.


Marchmarching to create complex patterning developing spatial awareness, core strength, rhythm, deportment.

Freea creative series of strength and flexibility movements developing core strength, flexibility, deportment.

Rodsmanipulation of a metal rod with movement developing technical skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking.

Clubs circular swings with wooden clubs developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, rhythm

Aestheticsgraceful movements technically placed and interpreted developing musical appreciation, grace, poise, emotional expression.

Rhythmical Aestheticsgraceful and elevated movements technically placed and interpreted developing rhythm, dance, expressive storytelling, leaps, leg extension for running and other sports.

Character Danceseries of dance steps to tell a story developing rhythm, dance, storytelling, acting.

Song with Actionsinging with movement and expression developing confidence, vocals, listening, communication, performance skills.

Song and Dancesinging with dance and expression developing dance, vocals, stamina, breathing.

Dance Arrangementdance and interpretation developing spatial awareness, dance, elevation, expression, performance skills.

Calisthenics Revuea creative performance to tell a story developing performance skills, acting, creative expression, confidence.

Age Groupings

(Age as of 31st Dec in the year of competition)


Tinies 3 to 7 years

Sub-Juniors 8 to 10 years

Juniors 11 to 13 years

Intermediates 14 to 17 years

Seniors 18 years and over (no maximum)

Masters 26 years and over (no maximum)

(Participants are entitled to work up one age group without having to apply for an exemption (subject to Rule 1.2.f).)



If you love dancing, gymnastics and ballet, fabulous costumes, having fun and building lifelong friendships, you’ll love CALISTHENICS! Click here to find your local Calisthenics Club and join in the fun.




Cr David Lucas – Mayor, City of Swan

Mrs Lorraine Morrison

Mrs Lorraine Young


Mission Statement

“ To promote healthy, physical, mental and social involvement of Calisthenics to the Western Australian community”.


Summary of Values

1. Supporting and encouraging all members to develop and perform to the best of their ability.

2. Foster an environment whereby the physical and emotional needs of all members are paramount.

3. Equality of all members and potential members.

4. All operations are transparent whilst still respecting privacy issues.

5. Promoting consideration, respect, good sportsmanship at all levels of Calisthenic involvement.

6. Constantly evaluation and meeting the changing needs of our customer base.

7. Managing at all levels with integrity, acceptance of goals, trust, solidarity.

8. Making consultative decisions for the majority.

9. Promoting a lifestyle that is not only healthy, but also drug and smoke free.

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