Volunteer Awards

This award was created for the purpose of bestowing upon its recipients the highest award of the Calisthenics Association of Western Australia. It is named after the founder of Calisthenics in WA, Mr Frank Boan.
When deciding who should be the recipient of our most prestigious award, the following criteria are considered:

  • The number of years of involvement, a minimum of 15 is required.
  • Their involvement at club, state and national level.
  • Their willingness to help out.
  • The quality of their work on committees.
  • Their overall contribution and the benefit to others as a result of their effort.

We hope that by receiving this award , the recipients know that they have been appreciated for their many years of dedicated and voluntary service. There are times when the words ‘Thank You’ do not seem to be enough, but we would like to express sincere thanks for outstanding service to the recipients of the Frank Boan Award for Excellence.

Award Recipients

Cecil Bruce
Betty Chantler
Jo Halliday
Ian Halliday 2001
Jeffrey Freeman 2002
Jeanette Bruce 2003
Jane Smith 2004
Betty Fitzpatrick 2009
Karen Quinn 2010
Sandra O’Keefe 2014
Gail Benson 2018

This award was originally created in memory of Mrs Jo Halliday, who was instrumental in the development of the sport in its early days. Mrs Halliday held many positions on the Board of Management and was an outstanding volunteer who’s service spanned 40 years. From 2013 the award was renamed the “Halliday Award” in memory of both Jo and her son Ian who was a Life Member of the Association, Chairperson of Theatre Management, State Team Treasurer and pianist for both State and club teams during their respective competitions.

The recipient of this award is a dedicated volunteer, who has given much time and effort to the Association. Board of Management put forward nominations each year for consideration by the Halliday family.

Award Recipients

June Savill 2000
George Knop 2001
Sandra O’Keefe 2002
Bob Fare 2003
Betty Fitzpatrick 2004
Gail Benson 2009
Warren Hall 2010
Carolyn Selby 2011
Andrew Plummer (Andy)
Lorraine Plummer
Mike Shorten 2013
Christine Bull 2014
Heather Lange 2015
Lillian Kluge 2016
Judy Donegan 2017
Helen Lane 2018
Christine Polglaze 2019

This trophy is presented to the coach of the Senior Championship Graceful Winner, in recognition of her work, choreographic skills and musicality when training a competitor to this standard.

The Amanda Young Foundation is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to reducing deaths in WA from meningococcal disease, supporting survivors of the disease as well as the development of young people into WA’s future leaders. The Foundation was formed in 1998 following the tragic death of Amanda Young from meningococcal septicaemia at the tender age of 18 years.

Lorraine and Barry Young have been presenting this very special award since 2004. Nominees of the Amanda Young Cadet Award must display initiative, enthusiasm, make an overall contribution to club culture and are always willing to contribute “above and beyond” to their chosen sport. Nominees are expected to attend all Coaches Association seminars and courses.

Award Recipients

Alyce Kraft 2004
Natalie O’Keefe 2005
Chantelle Goodall 2006
Tara Lasrado 2007
Ashleigh Catalano 2008
Jessie Davies 2009
Leah Schulz-Doherty 2010
Kristy Duus 2011
Natalie Dyson 2012
Emily Horne 2013
Shannon Panizza 2014
Hannah Stapleton 2015
Claire Southall 2016
Amy Johnson 2017
Lilli McAuliffe 2018
Breanna Zoethout 2019

This award is presented to a volunteer who has given outstanding service to his or her club over many years. Clubs are encouraged to put forward nominations of their valued members.

Award Recipients

Judy Natale 2011
Jenny Atkinson & Lorraine Hunter 2012
Lillian Kluge 2013
Wendy Kraft 2014
Helen Lane 2015
Bev O’Kane 2016
Jodie Appleton 2017
Louisa Simonetti 2018
Debbie McDonald 2019

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