Working With Children

The Working with Children Check (WWC Check) is a compulsory and rigorous criminal record check for certain people who carry out ‘child-related work’ in WA. A person is in ’child-related work’ if the usual duties of their work involves, or is likely to involve contact with  a child in connection with specified categories of work (see the website below for further details)  It includes child-related work carried out by paid employees, volunteers, unpaid people and the self-employed.

Parents volunteering in connection with their child’s activity are exempt (although this does not apply to overnight camps); however they should still be required to complete the non-WWC Check screening process.  There are other exemptions, for example volunteers under 18 years old.  Further details about exemptions can be found on the website below.

Only those in child-related work under the Act may apply.

Applicants will be issued with either:

  • An Assessment Notice in the form of a WWC Card enabling them to be in all types of child-related work for three years unless there are new offences of concern.
  • An Interim Negative Notice, which prohibits them from child-related work until a final decision is made on their application.
  • A Negative Notice, which prohibits them from child-related work.

There are set obligations and strong penalties for non–compliance including for employers and volunteer co-coordinators.

For more information visit the Working with Children Website or telephone 1800 883 979 (toll free).

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