CAWA holds competitions at the home of calisthenics the Swan Park Theatre in Midvale. Competitions are held in May and November for solo and duo competitors with team competitions held in August and September.

Qualified coaches choreograph routines to music to enable competitors to compete either as individuals or as a team performing under stage lighting and audio effects. Competitors are adjudicated by members of the WA Branch of ASCA.

Competitions are promoted and managed by the CAWA Competitions Committee, a dedicated group of volunteers who work hard alongside theatre and club volunteers, ensuring the values of calisthenics are upheld.

Calisthenics is widely practiced in Australia and is recognised as a fun and healthy way to keep fit for children of all ages. It is a uniquely Australian sport which requires discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of responsibility.

Please see below pages for more information about our competitions.

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