2020 Covid-19 CAWA Competition Advice

After extensive discussion and consultation with WA clubs, the Board of Management and Competition Sub Committee are excited to share the new CAWA Team Competition format for 2020.


2020 CAWA Team Competition Dates

Team competitions will be held over 3 weekends in September, aiming to start a week later than usual.

5th September (No comp 6th September – Father’s Day)

12th/13th September

19th/20th September

The Final dates will be dependent on entries received.


Stage Practices will remain as originally booked at the Stage Practice Draw held in March.


Only four items will be offered being, Free Exercise, Rod Exercises, Club Swinging and Aesthetic Exercises. March and Fancy are NOT being offered.


Please note the following:

  • It is not compulsory to enter all four items – clubs/coaches can choose which items are entered;
  • No aggregate will be awarded;
  • Places will be awarded for each item;
  • The number of places awarded will be dependent on the number of entries in a section;
  • Sub Juniors and Juniors will receive place getter ribbons.


2020 CAWA Team Competition -Rules to be Modified:

  1. No lower timing limits.
  2. No timing penalties.
  3. No penalty for less than minimum number.
  4. Sub Junior and Junior Teams will be permitted to commence and finish on stage – use of front curtain.
  5. Lighting rules as per CAWA Running Rules apply.
  6. Stage/Dressing (prop) rules as per CAWA Running Rules apply.
  7. For make-up, good hygiene practices are to be maintained and for this reason it is recommend that any make-up applied is kept simple and should be applied from each family’s own make up supply.  Participant’s lipstick can be applied at competitions.
  8. Simple hair style is recommended.
  9. Minimal prompting from side of stage permitted for Sub Junior and Junior age groups.
  10. Demonstrator on floor at front of auditorium permitted for Sub Junior 3/4/5/6 sections.
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